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Happy Tails

Meet the dogs we got to say goodbye to as they moved into their forever homes. Stories of love, hope and restoration.


"My mum and dad adopted Mali the Sproker back in July. She loves an adventure in the mountains and falling asleep on our feet. She has instantly become part of the family and we couldn’t be happier with our crazy girl."

It's so lovely to see Mali doing so well with her new family.


"It's been over a week now since Patch has come home and we are totally in love!
He is the sweetest dog, and seems very happy here. He was very quiet for the first few days, but he's seemed to settle now and likes saying hi to the dogs that walk past on the cycle path. It's nice to see him understanding that this is his home now, and that he's "protecting" the house.  We go walking 2/3 times a day, and it seems he has quite an appetite for squirrels when we take him to the park :) We go the the park in the mornings where he’s taken a liking to a patterdale terrier, although Collies are a no go zone at the moment!"


"We adopted Millie in 2017 when she was around 5 months old. Now 4 years, she is a lovely girl to own. We do lots of different activities to keep her busy - although it wasn't the easiest to get her interested in taking part in training classes, she's grown in confidence. We now compete (and sometimes even win!) in agility competitions, have our intermediate trick dog award and have done some fun whippet racing, which she adores. In the house, she is the sweetest, cuddliest dog and loves nothing more than being curled up under a blanket. She is very friendly with other dogs and their people, no doubt as a result of the sanctuary doing a very good job with socialisation in her early life."

We're so proud of how well this girl doing.


"This is Bella who has lived with me now for 9 years. She was at the sanctuary for 1 year, and has been an utterly amazing dog. Amazing temperament, amazing behaviour around other dogs, incredibly gentle, increasingly tolerant of all 16 nieces and nephews, the 4 hens, and now the adopted / inherited young pug.
After the first couple of weeks getting to know each other and establishing a routine, it has been an absolute joy to have her. She gets me out whatever the weather, and greets me with excitement and joy every morning when I get up, and every afternoon when I get home from work. She’s getting a bit grey in the face now but she’s still incredible on the beach and in the water. My best friend."

We're overjoyed that Bella has found such a wonderful home for so long. 


Ollie, Bella, Jessie and Georgie

"Here's our 4 all from Snowdonia. Sadly our big guy Ollie passed away a bit over a year ago. The little ones, Bella, Jessie, and Georgie are all doing very well and keep us busy with their constant need for attention!"


"Hi this is Lady, she has been with me for 7 years now. She still comes to work every day at a hospital. The patients love her."

 An amazing home for an amazing dog. 


"We adopted Sion 3 years ago. Anne said he was a big baby and she wasn't joking . He's adorable, he loves our old girl Gracie and is best friends with our grandson."

It's such delight to hear Sion is so happy.


"This is our Zeke whom we adopted a few years back now. With Anne's help and her questions and our answers Zeke was shown to us. And was the perfect match. He settled in really well, he was and still is very bouncy very happy and very much a people's dog. Anne did an amazing job matching us up with him, we did visit to see another dog but Anne had decided no, and we're so happy she did this. We can't imagine life without him now. So thank you for letting us adopt Zeke. All those years ago."

We're thrilled to see Zeke doing so well in his new home. 


"Kara, 6 years ago she passed, we adopted In 2011, we miss her a lot especially my 2nd boy who was 8 months at the time, they was best friends- he wants another GSD. She loved her beach runs, puddles, chicken and belly rubs"


2020 marks this not so little's guys 1st adoption birthday. He loves life though still a little nervous and won't walk with anyone unless his Mumma is there though they are working on it. Still chews everything if left on his own but he's full of love and cuddles and wins everyone over. We're so pleased to see this boy thriving with his forever family. 


This older gentleman came to us at 9 years old and lived in foster with central team members Mike and Tracey but was finding life with younger spaniels too taxing. When Archie's new family came along it was love at first sight. Archie now lives happily with his new parents, having free roam of the garden and not having to share their attention. We are so pleased to see Archie in his tranquil retirement home.


"I've had Marley for almost 18 months now, he's just had to have an operation hence the bandage on his leg, Marley has the run of the house and is a fantastic friend he follows me around like a shadow, when I first went to see him at the kennels I think we both knew we were right for each other. Anne and her staff are beyond fantastic looking after all the animals in their care. Marley goes back a couple of times a year, where I know he would be well looked after." 
We love it when Marley comes back to see us on his holidays.


This Collie mix was only 2 when she first arrived in the sanctuary. Mazie came to us after a hard start to life and with some behavioural issues. After several failed re-homing attempts, this beautiful girl finally found her forever home. She now spends her days running, exploring and getting all the attention from her new family.