How you can help

Ways Of Helping The Sanctuary

As well as dog walking and cleaning duties, there are other ways in which you can help the Sanctuary:

Sponsoring a dog or a kennel

Yum Yum and Denzil in are in particular need of sponsors. We are hoping to be able to rehome Denzil at some point in the future, but he still needs a lot of work with his social skills and would need to go to a home that is experienced with bull or mastiff breeds. We cannot take the risk of rehoming Yum Yum due to a little unpredictable behaviour that rarely occurs, but when it does, due to anxiety or fear, he can try to bite somebody’s arm. Therefore, only Anne and Alan handle and walk Yum Yum, but we are trying to raise funds to build him a compound and kennel in order to improve his standard of life. There are other dogs, or individual kennels, that could be sponsored, and in return, you would receive regular updates on the dog’s progress, and be able to visit the dog.

Advertise on our site

We would be willing to allow prime space on our website. The number of visitors to our site is rapidly increasing, and this would be good for your business or organisation. If you are interested in advertising on our website, please contact us for an informal chat.

Fund-raising & publicity

We are in urgent need of self-motivated people to support us with raising funds for our dogs and with publicity. Because we are a Sanctuary and a non-profit rehabilitation kennels, as well as a rescue, we do not have a high turnover of dogs rehomed. Many of our dogs come from other rescues due to their behaviour, so cannot be rehomed until we feel that their behaviour has improved enough, and if we feel that their behaviour may once again manifest in the wrong hands, then we provide the dog with sanctuary.All of our time and effort goes into working with and caring for these dogs, hence we do not have the time ourselves for fundraising and publicity activities.


We are always very grateful for donations, large or small. Unfortunately, we have very few financial donations and most of our funding comes from adoption/rehoming donations and from the Boarding Kennels. If you are interested in donating to Snowdonia Animal Sanctuary, please click here for details.

Organise an event

Perhaps you’re a good organiser and would enjoy organising some sort of event, such as sponsored walks or jumping out of aeroplanes (if you’re brave enough!) to raise funds for our dogs.

If you have any other ideas on how we can raise funds, then please feel free to contact us.