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About Lucy

Meet Lucy, a beautiful German Shepard, who is 4 years old. Since coming to be with us she has made fantastic progress and settled in well. She can be nervous of new people, but once she gets to know you she comes out of her shell and will want to play with sticks. She is not dog aggressive, but because of her history she much happier away from them. She shows anxiety around bad weather and loud noises. She is vaccinated and spayed.

What Lucy needs

  • An owner experienced with German Shepards or similar breeds.
  • A relatively quiet home (without lots of people coming in and out).
  • A house that doesn't have children.
  • An owner who can understand her nervousness around strangers.
  • A home where she is the only pet.

If you would like to give this wonderful girl her forever please give us a call  or fill out our application form and we'll arrange a time for you to come down and meet her.