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Here you'll find all of the dogs that have completed the assessment period and have been assigned into the correct categorys as stated below:

- Category one dogs: No behavioural issues, usually an easy and quick rehome.
- Category two dogs: Requires specific homes/owners as well as meeting individual needs, for example;                                          "Experience with resource/food guarding", "Adult only households", "No other pets".                                                   Please read and understand the dogs needs carefully before inquiring/applying.
- Category three dogs: Requires incredibly specific homes/owners. Unfortunatly it's not always possible to                                                   rehome these dogs. If that is the case, then we would take them under our wings as                                          resident dogs.

If you are interested in adopting a dog from us, could you please fill in an application form.

Category One: These come to us with no behvaioural issues and can be rehomed very easily. 

Category Two: These dogs came to us for varied reasons, and have all been dogs we have worked closely with to rehabilitate and are now ready to find their new forever home. They do require specific homes/ owners in order to continue to bring the best out of them and keep them happy, so please read about their individual needs carefully and ensure you meet these requirements before contacting us. 

Category Three: These dogs need incredibly specific homes and whilst we love to see them rehomed, in some instances this is not possible. We believe that every dog deserves a happy life and we will never euthanise a healthy dog, no matter what their past is, so some of them have become residents at the sanctuary.