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About Ollie

This fine looking Rottweiler is Ollie. He may look fierce, but he has a personality that will melt your heart. Ollie has been with us quite some time now and we have all fallen in love with this incredibly gentle giant! All he wants to do is be cuddled, chase sticks and then come back for more cuddles. He is amazing people, but we feel he will be better in a home where he is the only dog as he has shown uncertainty around strange dogs. Ollie needs to go to a one person household, or a family that understands that he will bond with one person very strongly. He is also looking for a home that is not in an urban environment and can provide him with quiet surroundings and plenty of space to play in. 

What Ollie needs

  • A house in the countryside
  • A one person household 
  • A quiet adult only house
  • An owner experienced with large breeds who can provide a strong guidance

The whole team love this amazing man and if you would like to come and meet him please give us a call and fill out our application form.