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Meet Rex
Meet Rex, he's a spayed, 6year old Patterdale x JRT cross. He's a sweet man that wants to watch and follow you around, he loves playing with toys, digging in the mud, window watching and walks! He's a smart little man and if he can he will try and get out of the garden either by digging or finding ways out, this only happened once with us due to his walk being later than usual.
Rex does get separation anxiety and cries/howls when left alone, we put the radio on for him and after some time he settles.
It takes Rex a while to bond with you however once you are he is very good in the house. When out on walks, he's listening skills do go out the window a little (I think this is down to lack of walks in his previous home so everything is new and exciting!).
Rex will tolerate other dogs however won't share his toys and is more suited to a only dog household and a child free environment.
He's an energetic dog with lots of love to give but will need a firm owner as he likes to push boundaries a little. A male owner maybe better suited as he currently only likes to listen to his Foster dad and not mum.
Rex is currently in a Foster home with one of our volunteers and unfortunately isn't getting a long with the other dog in the house and it's not suitable for Rex to stay.
If you need anymore information or would like to meet Rex to give him a forever home then please fill out our application form.